Facilitate treatment discussions in the exam room

Largest digital library of health information for healthcare professionals and patients

iMD covers 1,700+ medical conditions and features a complete drug database. Full Rx and OTC treatment listings for every condition means that your brand is already present on the platform. Make it stand out to join in the conversation between HCP's and their patients.

Reach key audiences in the healthcare space

iMD positions your brand top of mind during conversations between healthcare professionals and their patients across key healthcare audiences in Canada. iMD is present in over 500 pharmacy stores, 145 infusion clinics, 2,500+ physician clinics and on over 2,700 Interactive Bedside Terminals in hospitals across the country.

Advertise Direct to HCP's and Patients

iMD provides your brand with a platform to advertise directly to HCP's and their patients inside the exam room – keeping your brand top of mind at treatment decision-making time.

Increase brand awareness with value-added resources

Elevate your drug listing on the platform by hosting your own educational resources, like patient brochures and videos. Facilitate doctor-patient discussions with your branded materials, which can be emailed home with patients.

Measure your ROI

iMD's dashboard reporting tells you exactly how your resources are being used on the platform. See firsthand which types of HCP's and patients are accessing your content, and how it's being used.

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