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iMD covers 1,700+ medical topics with over 50,000 patient education images, videos and guides provided by over 50 trusted Canadian health organizations and Mayo Clinic. Plus, a complete drug database. All content is digital, so it will never run out!

Improve Patient Understanding & Treatment Compliance

Studies show that visual resources make it easier for patients to understand complex health information. Show your patients what they need to know with iMD's library of images, diagrams, videos and more. Plus, send resources home with patients via secure email for further review.

Easy to Learn and Use. No Installs or Integrations Required

iMD is accessible on any desktop, laptop or tablet with an internet connection. A user-friendly interface and organization of resources by medical topic make it easy to find exactly what you need. Shortcut your most frequented topics and resources to your Home Screen!

Save valuable time while improving your patient engagement

iMD makes it possible to educate and engage your patients in just 60 seconds. Simply find a health topic, educate using visual resources, and email materials home with patients for later review. Everything you need to more fully engage your patients – all on one platform!

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